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F2C: Freedom to Connect 2013 convened on March 4 & 5, 2013 at AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring MD.


The Big Idea: F2C: Freedom to Connect 2015

F2C: Freedom to Connect brings under-represented people and issues into the Washington, DC based federal policy discussion to promote Internet freedom, to preserve Internet values such as public protocols and universal connectivity, and to promote the use of the Internet for people-oriented purposes.

Here's the agenda. See speaker bios for additional details.

Highlights included keynotes by


In previous years at F2C: Freedom to Connect . . .

Here are a few moments from the 2012 version of F2C: Freedom to Connect:

Videos of all the sessions of last year's F2C: Freedom to Connect are available here.

The talk by Professor Eben Moglen of Columbia Law School is especially recommended.

Prior Years:

F2C 2013:

F2C: Freedom to Connect 2012 featured keynotes by Aaron Swartz, Eben Moglen, Susan Crawford, Vint Cerf, Lawrence Lessig, and others. Videos of the entire proceeding are available here.

[F2C was on hiatus in 2010 and 2011.]

The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2009 was “The Emerging Internet Economy.” All eyes are on the economy. The Obama Administration has declared the Internet a keystone. Columnist Tom Friedman was our keynote speaker.

The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2008 was “The Netheads Come to Washington.” Open fiber projects in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Louisiana and Vermont were presented. Netroots US Representative Donna Edwards and security expert Bruce Schneier spoke. In addition, F2C devoted half a day to “Making the Internet Carbon-Negative.”

The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2007 was “The Wealth of Networks” featuring Yochai Benkler. Vermont Governor Jim Douglas announced Vermont’s e-state initiative, and FCC Commissioner Adelstein spoke and played the harmonica.

The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2006 was “The Network Neutrality Battle.” James Q. Crowe was the keynote speaker, FCC Commissioner Copps made an appearance, and Representative Rick Boucher gave a frank insider’s view of the politics of the unsuccessful telecom bill of 2006.

The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2005 was “The Future of Communications.” Vint Cerf was the keynote speaker.

Musicians in Residence

As a communications technology, music predates the Internet by some 50,000 years. It is an integral part of F2C: Freedom to Connect.

Musicians in Residence for F2C 2013: Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo.

Frank Vignola and Vinny RanioloFrank Vignola's musical mastery has led him to play with such musicians as Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark O Connor, David Grisman, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his "Five Most Admired Guitarists List" for the Wall Street Journal.

Vinny Raniolo has performed at some of the top venues with such musicians as Bucky Pizzarelli, Tommy Emmanuel, Tony Trishka, Matt Flinner, and David Grisman.

Past F2C Musicians in Residence include:

  • 2012: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer (Day 1) and Cathy Fink and Rickie Simkins (Day 2), with guest appearances on Day 1 by beat-boxer Christylez (Chris Styles) and on Day 2 by Joe Craven.
  • 2009:The John Jorgenson Quintet
  • 2008: Howard Levy and Chris Siebold of Acoustic Express
  • 2007: Howard Levy, founding member of The Flecktones and a regular on Prairie Home Companion
  • 2006: Joe Craven, the “utility infielder” of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman’s acoustic band
  • 2005: Andy Stein, a regular on Prairie Home Companion, founding member of Commander Cody’s Lost Planet Airmen


F2C: Freedom to Connect would not happen without many people who give freely of their time and expertise. Thanks especially to Dewayne Hendricks for the F2C Wi-Fi Network, to Judi Clark for networked applications such as the chat, to the ISOC-enabled video team (Paul Brigner, Joly McFie, Paul Hyland and others), to Gene Gaines and the other volunteers at the front desk, to Jenny Mitchell for Web work, to Benoît Felten for the photography that led to this page's banner, to John Summers, Eileen Keegan and Tiffany Graham-Golden and the rest of the team at AFI Silver and to our generous sponsors.