Videos of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2012

Monday 5/21

David Isenberg‘s Opening Remarks [TRANSCRIPT]

Vint Cerf keynote [SLIDES]

Rebecca MacKinnon keynote, followed by Ian Schuler, US State Dept. (included in video)

Big Enough to Succeed: small carriers at the leading edge — entrepreneurial (non-Municipal) carriers show a fourth way (after Telco, Cable and Muni) to the future of connectivity.

    • John Brown, CityLink Telecommunications
    • Gary Evans, Hiawatha Broadband Communications
    • Ken Johnson, Conneaut Telephone Company – [SLIDES]
    • Pat Kennedy, Lit San Leandro
    • Levi Maaia, Full Channel
    • Leslie Nulty, ValleyNet

Susan Crawford keynote [SLIDES]

BTOP, Gig-U, and other big pipe experiments

    • Blair Levin (brief intro)
    • Lev Gonick, CIO, Case Western University, founder, Case Connection Zone
    • Pankaj Shah, Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet)
    • Michael Smeltzer, UIUCNet, U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Mike Marcus keynote, with Dewayne Hendricks introducing him – [SLIDES]

Benoit Felten, keynote – [SLIDES]

Aaron Swartz, “How we stopped SOPA” keynote

Commissioner Michael Copps, with Jim Baller introducing him [TRANSCRIPT]

Tuesday, 5/22

Cory Doctorow remote keynote

Freedom & Connectivity from Alexandria, Egypt to Zuccotti Park

    • Sascha Meinrath, Open Technology Initiative (moderator)
    • Dan Meredith, Radio Free Asia
    • Wendy Seltzer,
    • Ashkan Soltani, security and privacy researcher
    • Isaac Wilder, Free Network Foundation

Eben Moglen keynote, Innovation under Austerity, followed by Doc Searls and Isaac Wilder, discussion with Eben Moglen [AUDIO] (Thanks Cory!)

Barry C. Lynn, keynote, American Liberties in the New Age of Monopoly

Internet Freedom is Local

    • Susan Mernit, Oakland Local (moderator)
    • Kwan Booth, Oakland Local
    • Susie Cagle, graphic journalist – [DRAWINGS]

A Word from Our Sponsors

    • Helen Brunner, Media Democracy Fund
    • John Wonderlich, Sunlight Foundation
    • Will Barkis, Mozilla Foundation
    • Elliot Noss, Ting

Larry Lessig keynote, “The War Against Community Broadband”

Panel, the Fight for Community Broadband:

    • Tim Karr (moderator), Free Press
    • Lisa Graves, Center for Media & Democracy
    • Larry Lessig, Harvard University
    • Chris Mitchell, MuniNetworks.Org
    • Catharine Rice, SEATOA

Music concludes the event

Doc Searls’ slides from the event

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