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    About F2C

    Thank you for joining us at F2C 2009!


    The archives of F2C 2009 (that we know about) include:

    F2C 2009:The Emerging Internet Economy

    All eyes are on the economy. The Obama Administration has declared the Internet a keystone.

    F2C 2009 presents the people of the Internet who:

    • enable economic growth,
    • strengthen democracy,
    • facilitate creativity and innovation,
    • make the Earth greener, and
    • lower the barriers that divide people.

    F2C 2009 will tell the story of:

    • on-line, network-enabled industry and culture, new jobs and sustainable growth
    • Burlington VT, where muni fiber enables business, artistic endeavor, and new telemedicine
    • how Lafayette LA’s community came together as it built its muni fiber network
    • the twin cities of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa, where one twin has a muni net, and the other doesn’t
    • how municipal CIOs are planning for Seattle, Portland and San Francisco municipal fiber networks
    • city nets, wired and wireless, that didn’t work — what went wrong and what that teaches
    • what Obama’s infrastructure and economic recovery plans mean for tomorrow’s network
    • and more …

    F2C: Who, What, When, Where, Why

    WHO: F2C is a meeting of people engaged with Internet connectivity and all that it enables, including

    • vendors,
    • customers,
    • regulators,
    • legislators,
    • analysts,
    • financiers,
    • citizens and
    • co-creators.

    F2C is shaped by universal connectivity and the plunging capital requirements of information production, which, in turn, are changing many of our fundamental economic and social assumptions.

    WHAT: A two-day meeting inside the beltway where the creators of the future of the Internet meet to engage in mutual learning and exploration.

    WHEN: 8:00 AM on March 30 through 5:00 PM on March 31, 2009. List of confirmed speakers and bare-bones program here.

    WHERE: AFI Silver Theatre, Silver Spring MD. More travel, lodging and venue details here.

    WHY: It is written that Freedom of the Press is only for those with presses. The Internet now makes Freedom of the Press available to about 3,000,000,000 people, almost half of Earth’s humans. At F2C: Freedom to Connect, we explore how this changes the fundamental operating assumptions of society, and ask, “What next?”

    What they’re saying about F2C:

    [It's] bound to be an exciting year to listen to internet activists, community organizers, and policymakers work out a saner, more vibrant economy of connectivity. F2C is where I met Kevin Werbach and Susan Crawford, who are now shaping the [Obama Administration's] FCC transition; come to this year’s conference and meet the future!
    Reverend AKM Adam in Dissemminary.org

    Every event David runs that I’ve been to is a bit like taking a red pill and seeing the world rather differently. Unmissable. See you there.

    Martin Geddes in Telepocalypse

    You can meet at least 20 of the 50 most influential people in telecom at F2C.

    David Burstein, DSL Prime

    Freedom to Connect [is] based on a critical worldchanging concept: The need to communicate is primary, like the need to breathe, eat, sleep, reproduce, socialize and learn.

    Jon Lebkowsky in Worldchanging

    “F2C is the absolutely unbuttoned-down deep thought conference of telecommunications. You’ll find movers and shakers here (some ducked down in hiding); you’ll find thinkers; and you’ll find those who have been and those who will be the guiding forces in telecommunications. There’s no way you’ll agree with everything that’s said and plenty of ways to make your opinion known whether you’re on the formal program or not.”

    Tom Evslin, speaker at F2C 2007, in Fractals of Change.

    “Don’t miss F2C . . . F2C aims not to lobby or position or spin or score political brownie points. It aims to illuminate and educate. . . admittedly quirky . . . and free-spirited . . . if folks really want to know where broadband policy is headed, they should start with F2C.”

    Cynthia Brumfield, F2C 2006 participant, in IP Democracy.

    “. . . although I and [F2C producer David Isenberg] probably have quite divergent political beliefs, we’re on common ground when it comes to “What is ‘the network’ for?” . . . [F2C] is unique in that it’s not beholden to anyone’s commercial interest, and comes nearest to being the forum for discussing the public interest.”

    Martin Geddes, F2C 2006 speaker in Telepocalypse

    “The press was surprised by the net neutrality storm that struck Congress last Spring . . . F2C 2006 was a catalyst . . . there’s no better venue to explore the issues.”

    Steve Crandall, F2C2006 participant, in Tingilinde

    “David is a world-class human networker . . . If you’re in the telecom business or you’re an active telecom investor, you’ll get a lot out of this meeting.”

    Porter Stansberry, F2C2006 participant, in Stansberry & Associates Digest, 2/13/07

    “I had never before experienced a conversation taking place on this level or at this pace . . . most participants were actively contributing. It was exciting; it was overwhelming; it was nearly pure energy. I loved it!”

    Mary Godwin, F2C 2006 participant, in her Body Electric blog

    Prior Years

    The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2008 was “The Netheads Come to Washington.” Open fiber projects in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Louisiana and Vermont were presented. Netroots US Representative Donna Edwards and security expert Bruce Schneier spoke. In addition, F2C devoted half a day to “Making the Internet Carbon-Negative.”

    The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2007 was “The Wealth of Networks” featuring Yochai Benkler. Vermont Governor Jim Douglas announced Vermont’s e-state initiative, and FCC Commissioner Adelstein spoke and played the harmonica.

    The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2006 was “The Network Neutrality Battle.” James Q. Crowe was the keynote speaker, FCC Commissioner Copps made an appearance, and Representative Rick Boucher gave a frank insider’s view of the politics of the unsuccessful telecom bill of 2006.

    The theme of F2C: Freedom to Connect 2005 was “The Future of Communications.” Vint Cerf was the keynote speaker.

    Musicians in Residence

    Music is perhaps the oldest form of communications technology and an integral part of F2C: Freedom to Connect.

    This year, the John Jorgenson Quintet joins us!!! John Jorgenson earned “best guitarist” three years in a row from the Academy of Country Music. The John Jorgenson Quintet plays hot, hot, hot Django Reinhardt-style Gypsy Jazz. The quintet boasts burning jazz fiddler Jason Anick and a rhythm section so smokin’ I’ve bought carbon credits.

    Past F2C musicians include:

    • 2008: Howard Levy and Chris Siebold of Acoustic Express
    • 2007: Howard Levy, founding member of The Flecktones and a regular on Prairie Home Companion
    • 2006: Joe Craven, the “utility infielder” of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman’s acoustic band
    • 2005: Andy Stein, a regular on Prairie Home Companion, founding member of Commander Cody’s Lost Planet Airmen

    Freedom to Connect is a production of isen.com.